Ding Ding Ding! Dinner with the Dantas Duo

Me: What are we doing for dinner?
Beto: I don't know, what do you want to do?

Me: It's up to you.
Beto: No, you decide. I decided last night.

Me: No you didn't. We didn't have dinner last night.
Beto: You decide.

Me: No, you decide. I really don't care. You decide.
Beto: Okay. I can cook.

Me: Cook what?
Beto: You decide.
Me: I really don't care - you decide. I don't feel like deciding.

Beto: We could have chicken with black beans and rice.
Me: We eat that all the time.

Beto: What about spaghetti?
Me: Yuck. Let's go out to eat. I don't feel like putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Can we get a new dishwasher?

Beto: No. Our dishwasher is perfectly fine. What about Chinese?
Me: It doesn't match the new refrigerator. Chinese is too fattening... MSG headaches.

Beto: [ignoring refrigerator comment] Okay. What about Mexican?
Me: Just plain too fattening.

Beto: [growing impatient] Okay, what about Japanese?
Me: Not fattening enough. And too rich.

Beto: Fine. You decide, then.
Me: No, I seriously do not care. You pick. Really, just pick a place.

Beto: Thai?
Me: Too far away. I don't feel like driving.
Beto: I'll drive.
Me: I don't feel like riding, either.

Beto: Henry's?
Me: Too hip.

Beto: McMennamin's?
Me: Too hippy.

Beto: Higgins?
Me: Too dressy.

Beto: Manzana?
Me: Bleh. Blah.

Beto: That new place in the Pearl?
Me: I am NOT waiting 2 hours for a table.

Beto: Lucy's Table?
Me: Never been there. Not in the mood to try something new.

Beto: You decide.
Me: I don't want to decide. Just pick a flipping place already.

Beto: How about Pizzicato?
Me: If I have another arugula pear salad, I'll throw myself off a bridge.

Beto: Subway?
Me: Uninspiring.

Beto: You decide, then.
Me: No, you decide. I decide all the time.

Beto: Hooters?
Me: Nevermind. I'm not hungry anymore. You pick dinner tomorrow night.