The Donner Party - er, Dantas Party - Log: Day One

8 a.m.: It's snowing. Again. Can't drive to work. Sweet. [snooze button]

8:10 a.m.: [snooze button]
8:20 a.m.: [snooze button]
8:30 a.m.: [snooze button]
8:40 a.m.: [snooze button]
8:50 a.m.: [snooze button]

8:55: Okay, this is ridiculous.

9:05: Thank god we finally went to the grocery store. Would hate to resort to cannibalism on the first day. c.f. Donner Party. Yum - breakfast on the couch while watching the end of - ironically enough - Office Space. Love Milton. Want red stapler for Christmas.

9:20: Heigh Ho and Away to Work.

work work work work browse interwebs work work work work

11:20: Mini Cujo takes note of would-be trespassing bipeds and canines.

11:30: Beto begins forensic evaluation of sled tracks and mitten prints to determine identity of small human who took a nose dive down our ravine and broke our outdoor lights.

11:45: Pontification of the deterioration of neighborliness and well-behaved small humans who respect others' property ... ends with headache.

1:45: Beto begins new forensic investigation of trespassers in the backyard who are using our well-landscaped hill for slalom practice. Vows to avenge said violation.

2:30: Lucy joins familial discontent at defecation behavior of neighbor dogs.

work work work browse interwebs work work browse interwebs buy sweater on jcrew Beto is going to kill me

gnaw on arm out of boredom

work work work

5:17: Shower.

tv tv

still snowing... still stuck... sleep