It's amazing how God's Country can quickly turn to Deliverance Country when you're five miles away from running out of gas, and seemingly 15 miles away from a gas station.

This happens to me almost every time I hit I-5 south of Salem.  In a panic, I turn off of the first viable exit with potential, drive a 4.78 mile loop through East Mayberry du Jour and find the closest semblance of a gas station that my own private hell will offer.  After the 12 uncomfortable minutes filling my tank with my doors locked while pretending to be on the phone, I continue on to find the highway which conveniently drops me off one mile north of where I originally exited, and where five gas stations bid me adieu and send me safely on my way.

[AND... yeah, okay, I was going to include a clip of Deliverance from youtube, but that was too much, even for me...]