Unsuccessful creative endeavor

So, I've been a little stymied in blog land - busy editing photographs and working working working... I decide to google "blog prompts" to help me think of something to write about.  Yeah, uh, not so much.

1.  Can you live without electricity for a month?  Um, no.  End of blog post.

2.  Things that make me fearful:  Um... we don't have the time.  End of blog post.

3.  Have you ever made somebody cry?  What happened?  I once made a grown man cry at a table with six other grown men watching.  And I got paid for it.  And it was horrible.  But I also kind of enjoyed it.  End of blog post.

4.  What are your goals for the coming year?  Avoid death, dismemberment and disease.  End of blog post.

5.  What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?  Skydive.  Swim with Great Whites.  Anything else that is likely to otherwise lead to an untimely demise.  End of blog post.

6.  Why do you feel like you do right now?  I feel existential because of these stupid blog post prompts.  End of blog post.

7.  A trip to the art museum makes me feel... like if I had enough beer and enough orange paint, I could be an artist too.  End of blog post.

8.  Lost?  How come?  Because I got hooked on that bastard show in the second season, and it wouldn't let me go until it was over.