2010: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly




The Good

A new cousin with a beautiful family
Archie's survival, despite eating everything equal to or larger than the size of his head
Two - count 'em - TWO Greg Laswell shows (and related benders)
No swine flu this year!
Telling jackass buyers of our beloved home to shove eet
Finding awesome renters to move into said beloved home
Spending quality time in Portland with old and new friends
Lazy K Bar Ranch, Montana
Garage. Organization. Nirvana.

The Bad

Bono's back surgery = No U2 Seattle
Rear-ending some chick while watching a dog hang out of a second story window
6 trips to Klamath Falls
Rental car paint = horse food
434 square feet of wool rugs destroyed by one cat with a skewed sense of appropriate elimination

The Ugly

Two root canals, one day
Various and sundry medical procedures involving the Last Frontier
Operation Eradication: Yellow Hallway Paint, and the 26 foot ladder from hell
Operation Eradication:  Old Crappy Bathroom, and the rotted out floor