Chewing Cardboard's List for 2011: Go To My Happy Place.

3.  Lazy K Bar Ranch, Crazy Mountains, Montana

Now, I was all-sorts-of winding up for a long one on this bad boy, but there aren't really words that express the depth of my sixteen years' worth of love for a single place.  If you're in search of even a single, solitary zen-ish moment this year, then turn left off of Highway 191 just outside Big Timber, Montana, rumble about 12 miles on a dirt road (past rattle snakes and ranches and sometimes, lost great pyrenees puppies that you'll want to take home, but don't, because the puppy isn't yours and isn't supposed to be on the road in any event), and mosey (do you like that?  that's local, right there) on up to the Lazy K Bar Ranch.  It's somewhere near where the grey meets the green...

Let's share a moment of silence.  GoogleMaps has found the Lazy K.

No cell coverage!
No internet!
No television!
No cell coverage!  (Did I mention that?)

There's nothing quite as lovely as narrowing down your laundry list of stress and worries to one simple concern:  avoiding cow patties.  The air is cleaner, the sleep is deeper, the priorities are right-er.  Check out my homies at

This here is that dirt road I told you about.

And deep in that canyon sits the Lazy K.

Although you'll be up early for breakfast, you'll at least get your clouds made-to-order.

Yeah, I got nothin' for this one.  Just enjoy it, already.

Quality time with a grumpy calf is included in the price.
Seriously.  In what world does this happen?  It's as if Mordor never existed.