Costco used to be called "Price Club" when I was a kid.  Or at least, that's what it was to us, in the pre-merger state.  Back then, to get in, you had to have some special quality to your humanity. Either you worked for the government or you belonged to a certain credit union.  There was none of this "any and all yahoos allowed" business.

Once, online, Costco sold Baconnaise.

But I digress, twice.

The real reason for this post is simple.  Marital Man Meat and I went to Costco last weekend to pick up trash bags.  We joked at the time, that our last purchase of trash bags lasted a good 3-4 years.

So, imagine my horror when I discovered that we already had the jumbo pack of trash bags, stashed away in the garage.  As someone who cannot bear to throw away soap or old towels, there is some sense of overbearing obligation in having, now, two boxes of Costco bags that could very well last us until 2019.

I will be 44.

Enough said.